Jasii Wonderland is a place for her to display all of her talents to her fans. A secure place where fans can get to know Jasii2Bombiie as she blogs about the things she is doing. She does all of the blogging. She will keep you guys updated on everything that is going on from events, parties, red carpet, and much more. Fans can feel free to message her on her page, she will try her best to respond to all messages. Everyone join Jasii Wonderland as it is a great place to be.


Turn up with Jasii as she engages in cool activities and let you all in! Some things may be restricted and you will need to be a VIP Fan to access certain content on the website.


Jasmin Anderson, 23 years old from Los Angeles California goes by the name Jasii2Bombiie is a Model, Singer, Dancer, Actress, Fashion Designer, Blogger, YouTuber, & Web Designer.

Her main focus is to show off all of her talents to her fans worldwide and to inspire others to focus their dreams. Jasii comes from South Central LA and has always been multi-talented. As a young girl, she always wanted to be a model and a singer but was very shy at the time. Jasii has broken away from shyness many years ago and is focused on her career in the entertainment business. She believes you can show off all of your talents and do not have to stick to just one.

On Jasii Wonderland we will showcase everything she has to offer to everyone that enjoys watching her. She believes in showcasing her beauty even more and capitalizing off of it. Jasii has a passion for fashion, makeup, art, comedy, singing, dancing, and acting everything will be found here.

This is where J2B Fans can chat with her personally and communicate with other loyal fans as well. Fans will have a chance to become featured on the website to gain more exposure.


Jasii handmade items, phone cases, apparel, & accessories.


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