Hello bombiies, do you have big feet size 11 and up? I wear a size 12 or 13 in high heels. I prefer to go a size up which is size 13 to have more room in my high heels because my feet are slightly wide. I love me a good pair of high heels but I used to have a problem finding heels that will fit my foot comfortably and look sexy as well. Sometimes we might find a shoe that fits but its not our style but we buy it because it fits. Don’t you just hate that? Well, have no more fear I have been doing a great amount of research online for companies that cater to our needs and the shoes won’t break the bank either. Finding our sizes now is easier than we thought it’s not like how it was in the early 2000s and before when big sizes were not available as much.
I’ve found many websites that go up to size women’s US 15. All of the high heels you can dream of. I like really high heels and boy oh boy they have thousands. For the women that like 3-inch heels those are also available. From wedges to stilettos you name it. From dark to bright colors you name it. The choices are endless. Here are examples of shoes I’ve found be sure to click the image to go the website:


via FSJ Shoes

via FSJ Shoes

via FSJ Shoes

via Only Maker

via Only Maker


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