Hello everyone, I just want to announce that I am pregnant. I know I am late and there are a few reasons why. For one, my pregnancy caught me by surprise and I was nervous and lost also I was depressed most of my pregnancy. I was unsure about whether or not if I want to continue this pregnancy or not and there is many reasons behind that and my depression which I will talk about via my Youtube channel: Click Here. Today I am currently 29 weeks flat. Here are some current photos of me pregnant.

Me at 21 weeks pregnant inside Victoria’s Secrect Fitting Room trying on a bra.
I’m modeling for yall. Lol Just kidding.
Close up 21 weeks weeks pregnant belly. So cute especially in pink!

Now I do have some photos of my stomach when I was earlier in my pregnancy but they aren’t that cute and I kind of don’t want to post them. Maybe I’ll come around to it but who knows.

28 weeks and some days in this pic. I was at the gym 24 hour fitness. Lat night workout. Feb. 5th.
Thick Mamii
You can’t touch this hot mama. 🙂


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