Hey, yall I am proud to announce that I am a new Empress Body Brand Ambassador. Empress Body is an empowering company for women & men,  they promote healthy alternatives/living by holistic methods, with a range of organic, natural and vegan products. They did send me over two products to use and I must tell you that I enjoy using them. I want my yoni and body to be healthy and they are cruelty-free which is a plus for me. If you are tired of using products with harmful chemicals and want to go the natural way click here.

I want to fill you all in on my experience using the first two products that they sent me. The products that I’ve received were: 3 Empressbody Detox Balls & Empress Hydrate Mist. Both of these products are used for your yoni aka vagina for overall health. If you suffer from yeast infections, BV, Endometriosis, Fibroids, etc the Empressbody Detox Balls are great at removing all of these problems. You may think this is too good to be true, but it is true. The Detox Balls extract all of the dead tissue and discharge from your yoni, also the Detox Balls shrink fibroids and remove endometriosis.

My Products:


My Experience:

Empress Hydrate Mist:

I’ve tried out the mist and I must say that I do like it. The mist is supposed to neutralize odors and keep you soothed and feeling fresh, also its a gentle spray with a light scent, nothing perfumy. I used this before I tried the Herbal Balls. The mist did having me feeling fresh and clean and blended well with my natural pheromones. I use it after I take a shower or the beginning of the day and it lasts all day for me even if I am moving around all day. This is way better than a summers eve spray which is not good for the vagina and can cause a yeast infection.

Empress Herbal Balls:

This is where the whole enchilada is. I opened the jar of herbal balls and mine came with 3. Since I have a small yeast infection this product was the right thing to use after my period was over. I used the herbal ball 3 days after my period as instructed on the website. I’ve inserted the ball early in the morning.

Day 1: March 14, 2018, Insert 1st Herbal Ball 9:30 am.

I did not notice any discharge all that day but I tell you what I was extremely wet during that day if you know what I mean. lol I do not have a problem with being moist naturally but that ball increased some juices I tell you, I felt the ball working its magic. lol

Day 2:  The ball still in, I had in my mind that I will keep it in for the max days which is 3 days. Still very moist and was enjoying it. I saw very very little discharge, normally I have some discharge but while the ball was in my little to no discharge came out.

Day 3: I removed the ball in the morning and I felt fresh and clean after I went to the restroom. Still no discharge, I thought to myself hmm is this ball going to pull any discharge out anytime soon? I know I have a small yeast infection so I see something.

Day 4: this is the time to have the ball out for 24hrs before inserting another one which I was waiting this day. Still very moist though. I went to the bathroom later on that night and wiped, just to my surprise thick old tissue and discharge was on the toilet paper similar to how some of Empress Body Clients look when they submit their pictures. I know its gross and I’m not sure if I want to display what came out of me. Lol gross!

 Day 5 March 18, 2018: I inserted the second ball and again little to no discharge with it in. I removed the ball March 20th and saw discharge later that day when going to the bathroom. I knew my body was getting rid of the toxins and yeast infection. Also, I will be honest I did get a little itchy down there from the discharge but when that happens I go to the bathroom and clean myself with a wet towel no soap. I will soon be inserting the last 3rd ball in and see how things work out for me afterward.

Empress Body has many more products on their website that I will soon discuss later in this blog. They have all the natural feminine products that you need. Also for my male followers they did not leave you guys out, there are plenty of products for you guys to choose from that can guarantee a great inner and outer health. Please go and check out their website for more information. If you are unsure about something please do not be scared to ask them questions, email them they will respond back in a decent enough time to answer any concerns or questions you may have. I will be updating this blog post about more of the products that I try.

I’m not going to leave my fans hanging I have a coupon code you can use to get a great discount on their products. They ship internationally, pretty much anywhere you are, even to Mars, lol Just kidding about Mars but you get the point. My Coupon Code: Jasmin10


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