The Hurt is Intense!

The pain I am feeling right now is intense to the point I cannot speak about much to people because if I do I revisit the pain I've been trying to run away from. Days have been up and down and honestly, I prefer the uppity days instead of the down days.

What Happened?

The man I love has cheated on me with an older white lady and I caught him on Valentine's day about to leave the hotel that he and I normally go to. I am glad I took my sister to work that day because the hotel is not far from LAX airport. My sister wanted some oat milk that I buy to make some banana smoothies so I had to go to wholefoods which are also not far from LAX. I've been feeling strange about him for some weeks and since he and I a soul tied I can feel everything he feels and vise versa. So leaving LAX I had to pass the hotel to get to whole foods and something told me to go check and I did to be sure he not there and if he wasn't I thought about booking a room for us that afternoon. When I pulled up look who car I see there. I know my man car and license plate number and I was so upset my blood began to boil. I took a picture of his car and a video then I was thinking maybe he getting a room for us do not overreact then another part of me was like Hell Naw fuck that shit go check the front office and ask about when he checked in. So I was battling emotions, mad and sad plus I was also thinking he probably really got the room for us since he told me the day before he has something for me. So that calmed me down a little bit not so much but some. So I go to the front office and asked they checked and said no one's name is his in the system that's when I lost it and I called him again because the first time he didn't answer before I went inside the front office. So he texted me said he at work because he didn't pick up the second time I replied LIAR!! I knew his ass was nervous. My blood boiling like a mf. I call again he answers and I said so you wanna fuck around on me he said what are you talking about Jasmin I said you are with a bitch I think he said here we go again! Then I said I saw you but I meant his car and you at the hotel then he goes to say why are you stalking me... I went off!!! So I pull to the back where his car was and parked waiting on his punk ass to come out I know he trying to hurry up 


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