Getting my first Cricut Machine

I purchased my Cricut Explore Air2 machine in November from Target and I was very happy because I have been looking at many YouTube videos on this machine and when I was shopping at Walmart and Target the machines were sold out even at Michael's. So when I went into the Target with my daughter and my sister Brittanie I was not looking that day and I went to look at clothes, my sister actually went on that aisle it was on looking for something my daughter Samiah to play with while we shop and she called me and told me she found the machine I was looking for and it was the only one left I told her to hold it and I will be on my way to where she was. I was very excited and put it in my basket as soon as I got on that aisle. I even purchased accessories like the Cricut pens, plenty of vinyl rolls, and other cool stuff. Even though that's not the color machine I wanted I did not care I wanted it and was grateful for my sister finding it and letting me know. I honestly wanted the pink one which is my favorite color. Here is my setup in my room I took a picture the next day with it in the box. I was planning how I will set it up on my table that had my printer and laptop on it. 

This is the machine once open with the stuff that comes with it like instructions and a pen.

The machine setup and the pen in the hole. So beautiful. lol

Crafting with Jasii

I will be blogging about my crafts under the Crafting with Jasii page so everyone can see what I am creating. I I will be crafting with my Cricut and making other kinds of crafts too. I am getting back into my creative side which I have not created art or anything creative in a long time. So thank you all who will be tuning in.


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