Pink is Life

I've found some cool kawaii pink things online that makes me happy looking at them. I love pink stuff especially light pink items, rooms, cars, etc


You all will be seeing a lot of pink on my blog as that is my main color for my Bombiie Brand.

I found this cute pink outfit on pinterest. I would actually wear this. This outfit is from this outfit will also be cute in pastel yellow and white. 

Pink Room

I like this room it is very chic and girly. The only thing I will change is the make sure the pink things are a lighter pink.  This is doable though. 

Do you like pink?

Do you love pink just as much as I do? Did you like this pink curated blog post? Some people think pink is too girly and childish. I say you are never too old to love the color pink. I am 26 years old and pink has always been my favorite color to this day. Pink makes me feel really good and I do not care what others think.

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