I was at @islandsburgers a few hours ago. My friend Kyle took me there and I was excited. Now he knows I’m picky when it comes to food but he kept saying this place has really good burgers, he knows I love burgers and fries lol.

Kyle and I go into the restaurant and we were greeted by nice workers at the front desk, that was a plus for me that I felt welcomed by friendly people.

We are then seated at a nice table for two. The establishment was clean which is another plus.

The waiter pointed at out menus which were medium size and not really big and bulky like other restaurants. I did admire the design of the menu though.

So I order this burger which I forgot the name but it was simple with thousand island sauce, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and pickles. I asked the waiter can I add onion rings on them he said yes so kindly.
The waiter said the food would not take long to make. I told him I want my burger well done.
Anywho the food arrives quickly to my surprise it smelled good. The small salad did not have enough croutons so I asked for more and the waitress got me more no extra charge. So I poured my ranch onto the salad and started to eat it and I loved it, it was fresh and the flavor was very good I guess they have seasoning they put on it.

Burger Review:
So I reach to eat the fries I liked them but they were not hot to my liking but I tell you the seasoning on the fries was bomb.com Lol. I asked for a new batch of fries because they were not hot and the waiter made sure I got new hot fries.
I bite into the burger the white bread tastes so fresh and firm. The meat was flavorful and I had a lot of white onions on the burger. It was not fully well done slightly pink but I do not complain. So I cut it in half and took one-half and the burger was falling apart due to the pile of condiments on it. That was the only downside of it. My new fries arrived so I continued to eat.


Dessert Review:

I received this lava brownie.
It was not as hot as I thought it would be but it was warm.
I enjoyed the rich chocolatey flavor of the brownie and chocolate syrup on top. The only downside they did not give me enough ice cream and was slightly disappointed. I asked for more and the waiter have me more without any problems or extra cost. This is enough to split between two people. My friend Kyle liked it but did not want anymore because he was full of his Caesar salad. So I ate it all with the extra ice cream. I think they should include more ice cream for this rich brownie. But other than that it was a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. Just include more ice cream next time.